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Specialist Drone Surveys

Amrin have enhanced construction inspection services with the addition of optical and thermographic surveys undertaken by means of drone technology.

The drivers behind this addition to our services are supported by the following points:

  • co2-emission (1)

    Reduced Carbon Production

    Due to no expensive plant or scaffold being required including delivery and removal plant.

  • pound (3)

    Cost Savings

    Due to speed of inspections and no further access plant or machinery required

  • skyline

    No Height Limit

    Enhanced safety as there is no requirement for high-level access

  • error

    No Interruptions

    The inspections will not impact on the day-to-day business of the occupants

  • thermal-imaging

    Thermal Imaging

    Greater detail obtained due to the thermal imaging high lighting issues not visible to the naked eye

  • info (1)

    Regular Updates

    Enables clients to obtain regular and real-time information on the condition of their assets and property portfolio to enable maintenance issues to be identified much quicker

  • report (1)

    Evidence gathering

    Enables clients with evidence gathering when required

  • smart-drone

    Monitoring abilities

    Enables new build projects to be monitored for specification compliance and potential design conflicts

We have attended the necessary drone pilot’s course over a three-day period and passed the examination. We also carry the appropriate insurance.

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Our Surveyors do it all

The upside of this offering is that our drone pilots are professionally qualified building engineers and can interpret the information from the cameras instantly without the need to engage third parties thus providing an all-embracing one-stop reporting service that enables informed rapid decision-making by a client.

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