Types of work

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We are

Experienced Construction Professionals

Our inspectors are all professionally qualified and have worked in the construction industry for many years. Having come from contracting backgrounds originally our inspectors are totally familiar with construction activities and are able to interface with contractors, clients agents, architects, engineers, and site teams with ease. We are a client’s eyes and ears on-site.

We are well versed in installation of ground source, air source and solar panels etc and also retro fit of ground source heating in multi storey blocks.

Types of works we have covered are as follows:

  • social-housing

    Social and private housing

  • skyscraper

    High rise structures

  • crane

    Multi storey construction

  • hospital

    Hospital works

  • golden-gate-bridge

    Civil engineering

  • scaffolding

    building work and restoration

  • check-list

    Monitoring and Evaluation

  • nursing-home

    Extra care homes

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For Construction Inspection & Clerk of Works providing national coverage